VUE Cloud

VueCloud is an online CCTV recording exchange service, provided with the aim of allowing insurers, law enforcement agencies and fleet managers to exchange footage, documentation and evidence in the aftermath of a road traffic collision, this speeding up the process of providing compensation in difficult and stressful situations.

Video, images and documents are uploaded to a flexible media service, which rapidly encodes the file and makes it available to all interested parties. Because of the sensitive nature of the material being uploaded, the system implemented a comprehensive permissions and roles model.

The framework used was Laravel 4.2, with extensive use of Vue.js for the front end interaction. FFmpeg is used for the media encoding and the whole system is hosted on highly secure virtual machines at a specialised facility.

This was already a mature product when I started working on it, but I implemented significant parts of the permissions system, server migration process and record cloning function as well as multiple smaller feature requests and improvements to the UI.

Unfortunately, because of the high security surrounding the system, I cannot provide screenshots or further technical details.

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