I have built a number of WordPress plugins. I have uploaded many to the WordPress Directory;

  • Newer Not Better – hide annoying notifications and update prompts for certain plugins (coming soon)
  • WP TagMan – A simple interface for adding Google Tag Manager
  • Thumbnail Before Content – A very simple way of adding a post image before the content in themes that don’t support it
  • Remove HTML From Content – removes HTML tags from content on-the-fly
  • Utilising HTTP/2 technology and automatically adding CSS and JS assets to a page preload (coming soon)

Sadly, some are proprietary and I can’t share them. These include;

  • Syncing posts between two unrelated sites, with its own publish process and audit log
  • Automatically firing arbitrary tracking code on directly linked assets (such as PDFs)
  • A custom membership plugin
  • Custom Google Ads widget, which can evade blocking by ad-blockers
  • An aggressive popup for gaining visitor sign-ups