Sparx Numerise

Sparx is an online learning platform that partners with educational institutions and course & examination providers to provide extra-curricular and enhanced learning opportunities to over a million students worldwide.

Numerise is a maths-specific product, aimed at secondary school students (ages 11-16) who wish to improve their confidence and competence in the subject. We were charged with building a highly-optimised but attractive brochure site to drive traffic through to the app sign-up, utilising multiple landing pages and digital trafficking campaigns. We had an aggressive deadline as the launch was at the start of lockdown in the UK in 2020, when remote online learning became essential.

We built within budget and to deadline a site designed to appeal to both students and their parents, and allowed the client an unusually large amount of control over page elements and layout. Aside from the front end stylings, we built in several techniques to pass digital traffic data through the app sign-up site so the client could coordinate their campaigns through multiple channels.

In addition to paid campaigns, we needed to make sure that the site ranked as well as possible for SEO, so particular attention was paid to accessibility, valid markup and page load times. Extensive testing was performed with validators and the front end of the site was highly optimised to reduce the number of requests made to the serverI was responsible for most of these solutions and I employed various caching and compression techniques, tricks such as deferring loading less-necessary assets and lazy-loading of images and leverage newer technologies such as HTTP/2 to get the most responsive site possible.

I built this site while I was employed at AB Brand and Marketing Agency.

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