Inmarsat is the industry leader and pioneer of mobile satellite communications, and has been powering global connectivity for more than three decades.

The new website has been designed as an iteration of their existing site, which was frustrating and unpredictable when it came to updating. In addition to providing an effective means to promote their many busy units and service sectors, it needed to allow Inmarsat to showcase their revolutionary products and high profile satellite launches.

Incorporated into the site is a Ships Directory (which provides near real time reports of all the vessels in the oceans), an extensive FAQ and support section for Inmarsat’s products and services and an exhaustive list of industry partners.

A further requirement was the ability to view it on mobile phones, with all the relevant information and stats laid out for decision makers on the move and at industry events.

Inmarsat recently gained massive exposure in the hunt for the missing MH370 aircraft, during which the average traffic to the site rose from 150 visitors per hour to over 10,000. The foresight we had in provisioning for this meant the site performed admirably during one of the most important periods in the company’s history.

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