CUBE Content Governance

CUBE is a global regulatory technology provider that assist financial institutions in meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. Although this is not a new sector, recent technological innovations have driven an ‘arms-race’ in delivering ever more automated and efficient solutions.

We were tasked with building an attractive and functional website, which allowed the client to make multiple updates in a flexible manner, while providing multiple sales funnels and providing sign-ups with incentives such as downloadable documents and exclusive videos.

While I only had minimal involvement in the front end of the site, I was instrumental in ensuring the gated content and videos worked, and that the videos were served without affecting the server and worked well in all browsers on all devices.

To assist in the digital marketing effort, I implemented a system of capturing trafficking data and including it on contact forms that were submitted through the site, allow them to better optimise their campaigns.

For any downloadable content that was freely available on the site, I built an innovative click-tracking system that sends all downloads on via an intermediary page for digital marketing tracking with any piece of JavaScript code required. It does this without any extra effort from the user or changes to the theme or WP core, and can be configured for any WP site.

Using the tools and techniques I had built previously (and had made largely site-agnostic), I was able to optimise the site for Google Web Vitals with relatively few updates.

I built this site while I was employed at AB Brand and Marketing Agency.

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