Coagadex EU

Coagadex is a medication that helps treat a rare blood disorder, and is manufactured by BPL Bioproducts Laboratory. As with all medications, it is subject to rigorous regulation and there are strict rules about what information must be provided to patients and medical professionals, and how it is to be provided. These regulations vary between countries, and each set of documentation must be in the appropriate language(s) and contact details provided for each market.

I was tasked with building a microsite for the 27 EU markets (the UK was briefly included prior to its departure from the Union) which provided the information in the correct format, depending on whether the visitor was a patient or a medical professional, and in the correct language for a patient’s locale. I had a very short time frame to do this as the brief was provided in early January 2021 and launch was required before the end of the month.

I added two mechanisms to force users to make the appropriate choices; one cannot go past the home page without selecting whether you are a patient or medical professional (although it is easy enough to change should you pick the wrong one), and also you cannot visit the patient information screen without selecting a language. This is stored in a cookie for subsequent visits for convenience.

I then added a mechanism within the WordPress CMS for each of the 27 variations, which would be selected dynamically based on the cookie set in the visitor’s browser (there were no SEO concerns, this made the task somewhat easier). The link to the PDF was also set accordingly.

I built this site while I was employed at AB Brand and Marketing Agency.

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