Boston Ivy (part of IG group)

I was a contract developer for Boston Ivy, an autonomous team within IG’s marketing section, who successfully bid to become the registry of six gTLDs. The two pronged campaign involved the promotion of the gTLD and the advantages of the names, and the creation and running of affiliate sites to drive news business back to IG’s site. Sites included brochure-ware for the registries, a broker review site, an up-to-the-minute news site and a broker comparison site.

In addition to helping build the sites, as part of the optimisation and trafficking drive, I built several WordPress plugins from scratch, including one that displays modal pop-ups with signup forms, allowing for A/B testing, a newsletter subscription service that links with Exact Target, one that includes a suite of tracking tools such as Site Catalyst (Adobe Marketing Cloud), Idio, and an in-house system, and one that pulls real-time share price and forex data from an IG API.

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