arranger by Funeral Guide

Funeral Guide (formerly Funeral Zone) is a tech startup in the funeral sector, which provides advice and guidance to the recently bereaved, as well as an online funeral director review service and online obituaries.

The product I worked on is named arranger, which is a CRM/ERP system for funeral directors, aimed at changing the marketplace, due to the lack of quality in the existing solutions. It was envisioned that the system will allow FDs to manage every aspect of their business; funeral arrangement, staff / resource management, business / contact management, product & service inventory and customer services.

I was partially responsible for the architecture, design and build of the system, which is based on a microservices paradigm utilising AWS Lambda functions to connect to an AWS RDS persistence layer (this previously used Docker containers hosted on AWS EC2 instances).

Multiple bespoke Event Sourced backend services (written in PHP7) communicate with each other using GraphQL APIs, and are orchestrated by a NodeJS gateway, which is in turn queried by a React web frontend. I was jointly responsible for building the backend and almost 100% responsible for building the gateway and frontend.

The first phase of the project was launched in October 2018, with a full launch in Q2 2019. As such, I cannot provide any screenshots at this time. (formerly

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