ZX Wordle

Wordle by Josh Wardle is currently (as of January 2022!) the hottest game on the internet. If you haven’t played, I suggest you go and do so, and I’ll see you back here in a minute when you’ve acquired a new addiction!

The original Wordle

I got hooked on it in mid January, and on a walk home I thought that it would be fairly simple to write a version for the ZX Spectrum.

Whilst it wasn’t quite as simple as I was expecting, I knocked a rudimentary version out in a couple of hours and spent another few days polishing it and generally fiddling with the code.

It’s not exactly ground breaking, but it finally fulfils an ambition that I have had for thirty-odd years – to build and release an actual computer game.

ZX Wordle intro screen

It’s pretty faithful to the original, although it doesn’t look much like it. The biggest omission is the ability to put in made-up words, as I didn’t leave enough space for a full dictionary. It still has 1,000 words to play with so it will keep you going for a while – and there’s the other difference; you can go through several words in once sitting instead of one per day!

Feel free to download it and let me know what you think! I expect I’ll update it as people find bugs and I improve the code, but now I’ve got my feet wet I feel like diving into the world of 8-bit coding!

If you don’t have vintage hardware to hand, try out QAOP or Fuse to play it, in your browser at ZX Basic DB.

Download ZX Wordle for the 48k Spectrum