Havas Media & Arena Media

My employer at the time – Havas Media – underwent a branding change at the beginning of 2013, and a new set of guidelines were published, along with a new global site. My mandate was to take this adaptive design (which produces a completely separate template based on whether you’re using a desktop, mobile or tablet) and replicate it in a responsive design, which is a single template that resizes itself based on the browser size and capabilities.

A further requirement was to allow localisation of the site, as there were to be many deployments, in many different languages.

The countries that used the template included the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark and Mexico.






Like Havas, Arena Media (also part of the Havas Media Group – another site I built) underwent a branding change at the beginning of 2013. Based on the same guidelines as Havas Media, the site had a bit more leeway and creative freedom.

I built the global site from scratch, based on PSD designs, with a responsive theme. The banner on the homepage can contain still images and HTML animations, overlaid with a custom font.

The United Kingdom site was forked from this, and uses much of the same code. The template files were then sold to the rest of the group and are being used independently. 



Havas Media Group is the umbrella organisation for the Havas Group’s presence in the UK and Ireland.

This website was produced on a short timescale, when it became apparent that a web presence was required for several high-profile pitches.


Havas Media Labs is the innovation and thought-leadership hub of Havas Village in the UK, whose role is to use technology to find solutions for clients.

This project was (largely) put together in an afternoon, in response to a ‘quick-turnaround request’ from the marketing team. It was only built as a prototype, but they loved it so much that we went with it as the final product.


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