Harrisons Of Edinburgh

Harrisons Of Edinburgh is a distributor and wholesaler of luxury cloths to tailors worldwide. Based out of their impressive premises in Exeter, staff process dozens of orders a day using an in-house system based on Sage Accounts. Accuracy and simplicity was important as many of their clients are small traders for whom an incorrect order could be very costly, and whose experience of using the internet is rather less than normal

Our task was to rebrand the company and build a new website that not only matched the new look, but to work in a very predictable and clear way, using language employed within the industry, and also to interface with the Sage back-office system so that availability could be kept up to date.

Whilst I was not involved in much of the front-end build, I was wholly responsible for migrating and converting the existing stock data and images (for thousands of lines), and interfacing a WooCommerce system on the new site with Sage, via a Zynk workflow. I created a comprehensive API that received this pushed data every 30 minutes, validated and processed it and updated the stock levels in WC.

The products are stored in WooCommerce and can be searched and queried, partially with the API and partially with custom SQL queries.

Part of this process involves creating two daily reports that output to PDF in a very specific format that turned out to be very tricky to do programmatically; it was previously done by hand in a time-consuming process. The result of this is the two reports on the Stock Update page.

Due to the amount of stock involved, the complicated relationships between them and their attributes and the relatively high frequency of updates, I was required to highly optimise the SQL queries involved, as the WordPress API was could not do so efficiently.

One other part of the site I built the backend code for is the Look Book, a journal for Harrisons to showcase individual products, either by entering them on the system or by uploading a post to Instagram, where it is pulled in automatically.

I built this site while I was employed at AB Brand and Marketing Agency.


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